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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life Of Hazrat Umayr ibn-e-Wahb Razi Allahu Taalah Anho

And Umayr ibn Wahb al Jumahi reverted securely from the Battle ofBadr. His offspring Wahb was abandoned a detainee in the hands of the Muslims. Umayr foresaw that the Muslims could discipline the adolescent severely on account of the mistreatment he himself had distributed to the Prophet and the torture he had dispensed on his allies. 

But One morning Umayr headed off to the Sacred Mosque to make tawaf around the Ka’bah and love his golden calves. He considered Safwan ibn Umayyah sitting close to the Ka’bah headed off up to him and stated: 

Im Sabahan (Good Morning) Quraysh chieftain. 

Im Sabahan Ibn Wahb answered Safwan. Let us talk for quite a while. Time just runs by with chat. 

Umayr sat subsequently to him. The two men started to review Badr the vital rout they had endured and they numberd the detainees who had fallen into the hands of Muhammad and his allies. They came to be profoundly bothered at the number of paramount Quraysh men who had been murdered by the swords of the Muslims and who lay buried in the mass grave at alQalib in Badr. 

Safwan ibn Umayyah shook his head and sighed By God there might be no preferred after them. 

You are correct announced Umayr. He remained noiseless for a brief period of time and after that stated By the God of the Ka’bah depending on if I had no deferred payments and no family whose misfortune I fear after me I could head over to Muhammad and murder him finalize off his mission and check his insidious. He went ahead in a weak repressed voice And as my child Wahb is right around them my set up to Yathrib could be past mistrust. 

Safwan ibn Umayyah listened eagerly to the expressions of Umayr and did not wish this chance to pass. He turned to him and stated: 

Umayr place all your liability in my hands and I will release it for you whatever the sum. With respect to your family I might take them as my particular family and give them whatever they require. I have enough fortune to surety them an agreeable living. 

Concurred stated Umayr. However keep this dialogue of our own mystery and don't unveil any of it to anybody. 

That ought be so stated Safwan. 

Umayr left the Masjid al Haram with the fiery breakout of hatred in opposition to Muhammad bursting in his heart. He started to number what he required for the job he had set himself. He knew that he had the full uphold and expectancy of the Quraysh who had parts of their families kept detainee in Madinah. 

Umayr had his sword honed and covered with toxin. His camel was ready and carried to him. He mounted the monster and rode in the bearing of Madinah with wicked in his heart. 

Umayr gotten to Madinah and went straight towards the mosque searching for the Prophet. Close to the entryway of the mosque he landed and tethered his camel. 

Around then Umar was sitting with a percentage of the Sahabah close to the entryway of the Mosque thinking back about Badr the number of detainees that had been taken and the number of Quraysh slaughtered. They likewise reviewed the demonstrations of chivalry demonstrated by the Muslims both the Muhajirun and the Ansar and offered gratitude to God for the essential triumph He had given them. 


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