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| 99 Names of Allah | AR-RAHMÂN : The Most Compassionate, The Beneficent, The Gracious | AR-RAHÎM : The Merciful | AL-MALIK : The King | AL-QUDDÛS : The Most Holy | AS-SALÂM : The All-Peaceful, The Bestower of peace | AL-MU'MIN : The Granter of security | AL-MUHAYMIN : The Protector | AL-'AZÎZ : The Mighty | AL-JABBÂR : The Compeller | AL-MUTAKABBIR :Supreme in Greatness, The Majestic | AL-KHÂLIQ : The Creator | AL-BÂRI' : The Maker | AL-MUSAWWIR : The Bestower of form, The Shaper | AL-GAFFÂR : The Forgiver | AL-QAHHÂR : The Subduer | AL-WAHHÂB : The Bestower | AR-RAZZÂQ : The Provider | AL-FATTÂH : The Opener, The Judge | AL-'ALÎM : The All-Knowing | AL-QÂBID : The Withholder | AL-BÂSIT : The Expander | AL-KHÂFID : The Abaser | AR-RÂFI' : The Exalter | AL-MU'IZZ : The Bestower of honour | AL-MUDHILL : The Humiliator | AS-SAMÎ' : The All-Hearing | AL-BASÎR : The All-Seeing | AL-HAKAM : The Judge | AL-'ADL : The Just, The Equitable | AL-LATÎF : The Gentle, The Knower of subtleties | AL-KHABÎR : The All-Aware | AL-HALÎM : The Forbearing | AL-'AZÎM : The Incomparably Great | AL-GAFÛR : The Forgiving | ASH-SHAKÛR : The Appreciative | AL-'ALIYY : The Most High | AL-KABÎR : The Most Great | AL-HAFÎZ : The Preserver | AL-MUGHÎTH : The Sustainer | AL-HASÎB : The Reckoner | AL-JALÎL : The Majestic, The Revered, The Sublime | AL-KARÎM : The Generous | AR-RAQÎB : The Watchful | AL-MUJÎB : The Responsive | AL-WÂSI' : The All-Encompassing, The All-Embracing | AL-HAKÎM : The Wise | AL-WADÛD : The Loving One | AL-MAJÎD : The Most Glorious | AL-BÂ'ITH : The Resurrector | ASH-SHAHÎD : The Witness | AL-HAQQ : The Truth | AL-WAKÎL : The Ultimate Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs | AL-QAWIYY : The Most Strong | AL-MATÎN : The Firm One, The Authoritative | AL-WALIYY : The Protector | AL-HAMÎD : The All-Praised, The Praiseworthy | AL-MUHSÎ : The Reckoner | AL-MUBDI' : The Originator | AL-MU'ÎD : The Restorer to life | AL-MUHYÎ : The Giver of life | AL-MUMÎT : The Causer of death | AL-HAYY : The Ever-Living | AL-QAYYÛM : The Self-Existing by Whom all subsist | AL-WÂJID : The Self-Sufficient, The All-Perceiving | AL-MÂJID : The Glorified | AL-WÂHID : The One | AS-SAMAD : The Eternally Besought | AL-QÂDIR : The Omnipotent, The Able | AL-MUQTADIR : The Powerful | AL-MUQADDIM : The Expediter | AL- MU'AKHKHIR : The Delayer | AL-AWWAL : The First | AL-ÂKHIR : The Last | AZ-ZÂHIR : The Manifest | AL-BÂTIN : The Hidden | AL-WÂLÎ : The Governor, The Protector | AL-MUTA'ÂLÎ : The Most Exalted | AL-BARR : The Benign, The Source of All-Goodness | AT-TAWWÂB : The Granter and Accepter of repentence | AL- MUNTAQIM : The Lord of Retribution, The Avenger | AL-'AFUWW : The Pardoner | AR-RA'ÛF : The Most Kind, The Clement | MÂLIK-UL-MULK Owner of the Kingdom | DHUL JALÂL WAL IKRÂM Possessor of Majesty and Honour | AL-MUQSIT : The Just, The Equitable | AL-JÂME' : The Gatherer | AL-GHANIYY : The All-Sufficient | AL-MUGHNÎ : The Enricher | AL-MÂNI' : The Preventer of harm | AD-DÂRR : The Afflicter | AN-NÂFI' : The Benefiter | AN-NÛR : The Light | AL-HÂDÎ : The Guide | AL-BADÎ' : The Originator | AL-BÂQÎ : The Everlasting | AL-WÂRITH : The Ultimate Inheritor | AR-RASHÎD : The Guide | AS-SABÛR : The Patient One

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Life Of Hazrat Salman Al Farsi Razi Allaho Taala Anho

And this is a story of a seeker of Truth the story of Salman the Persian gathered in any case from his particular statements:

When I acted like an adult in the town of Isfahan in Persia in the village of Jayyan. My father was the Dihqan or head of the village. He was the richest individual there and had the largest house.

Just because I was a squirt my father adored me more than he adored all others. As time went by his fondness for me ended up being so solid and overwhelming that he feared to lose me or have whatever to me. So he kept me at home a veritable detainee in the same way that little young ladies were kept.

So I ended up being dedicated to the Magian religion to such an extent that I achieved the position of overseer of the fiery breakout which we worshipped. My job was to see that the blazes of the blaze remained blazing and that it did not go out for a lone hour day or night.

Even My father had a unfathomable bequest which yielded an inexhaustible supply of yields. He himself took care of the bequest and the harvest. One day he was exceptionally occupied with his jobs as dihqan in the village and he declared to me:

My child as you see I am excessively occupied to go out to the bequest now. Go and care for matters there for me today.

On my direction to the home I passed a Christian mass and the voices at petition to God pulled in my consideration. I did not know whatever Christianity or regarding the adherents of whatever available religion for the duration of the time my father kept me in the house at a distance from individuals. When I caught the voices of the Christians I dropped in the church to see what they were doing.

I was inspired by their way of supplicating and felt drawn to their religion. By God I declared this is superior to our own. I might not leave them until the sun sets.

I asked and was told that the Christian religion started in AshSham Greater Syria. I did not head off to my father's home that day and during the evening I turned around home. My father met me and asked what I had done. I informed him regarding my gathering with the Christians and how I was inspired by their religion. He was terrified and stated:

My child there is nothing exceptional in that religion. Your religion and the religion of your progenitors is preferred.

No their religion is a cut above our own I requested.

My father ended up being miracle and unable to avoid the fact that I could leave our religion. So he kept me secured up the house and put a chain on my feet. I supervised notwithstanding to send a content to the Christians requiring them to educate me from any band heading off to Syria. When extended they got in touch with me and told me that a band was set out toward Syria. I devised a workable plan to unfetter myself and in mask went with the convoy to Syria. There I asked who was the heading individual in the Christian religion and was guided to the diocesan of the church. I run over up to him and declared:

I need to come to be a Christian and could would give anything to append myself to your aid study from you and implore with you.

The diocesan concurred and I dropped in the church in his utility. I soon figured out in any case that the man was degenerate. He could request his devotees to give cash in chanty while keeping out the pledge of endowments to them. When they gave any of the above spend in the way or God nonetheless he could accumulate it for himself and not give whatever the abject or penniless. Thusly he amassed an incomprehensible amount of gold. When the shepherd passed on and the Christians assembled to bury him I told them of his degenerate drills and at their appeal indicated them where he kept their gifts. When they saw the expansive jugs filled with gold and silver they declared.

By God we might not cover him. They nailed him on a cross and hurled stones at him.

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Life Of Hazrat Utbah ibn-e-Ghazwan Razi Allaho Taalah Anho

Umar ibn al Kattab the head of the quickly growing Muslim State headed off to couch early actually after the Salat al Isha. He desired to have a rest and feel invigorated for his everyday tour of assessment of the capital city which he regularly did undercover. When he would all be able to slumbering on the other hand the post from the distant locales of the State arrived illuminating him that the Persian constrains facing the Muslims were authenticating in particular challenging to repress. They were equipped to send in fortifications and supplies from numerous pl aces to ease their armed forces on the purpose of rout. The letter urged Umar to send fortifications and specifically it stated.

The city of al Ubullah should be recognized the most paramount roots giving men and material to the Persian drives under assault.

Umar chose then to despatch an armed force to take the city of al Ubullah and cut off it is line of supplies to the Persian armed forces. His prevailing situation was that he had so few men deserted with him in the city. That was for the reason that adolescent men of development and even old men had gone out on fights far and wide in the way of God fi sabilillah.

In the aforementioned conditions he dead set to accompany the technique which he knew and which was generally attempted that is to assemble a modest constrain and place it under the administration of a solid and capable administrator. He thought about one after an additional the names of the indiv iduals who were still with him to see who was the most suitable officer. At long last he shouted himself. I have discovered him. Yes I have recognized him.

He then retreated to cot. The individual he had in brain was a well known mujahid who had battled at Badr Uhud al Khandaq and different fight. He had in addition battled in the ghastly fight of Yamamah and rose unscathed. He was actually one of the first to a ccept Islam. He went ahead the first hijrah to Abyssinia but had come back to stay with the Prophet in Makkah. He then went ahead hijrah to Madinah. This tall and encroaching friendly of the Prophet was known for his excellent aptitude in the utilization of lances and arr ows.

When morning came Umar called his orderlies and declared. Call Utbah ibn Ghazwan for me Umar figured out how to assemble a guard of unequivocally over several hundred men and he named Utbah as their leader with the vow that he could send fortifications to hello m whenever this would work out the best.

When the guard was amassed in ranks equipped to leave Umar al Faruq stood before them offering them goodbye and giving directions to his administrator Utbah. He declared. Utbah I am sending you to the place where there is al Ubullah. It is one of the major strongholds of the foe and I supplicate that God encourages you to take it. When you achieve the city welcome it is tenants to the love of God. Assuming that they react to you affirm them (as Muslims). In the event that they decline then take from them the jizyah.. Depending on if they won't pay the jizy ah then battle them… And fear God O Utbah in the release of your jobs. Beware of letting yourself end up being too haughty or haughty for this will degenerate your henceforth. Know that you were a friend of the Messenger of God may God favor him and gr burrowing little creature him peace. God honoured you through him after your being irrelevant. He fortified you through him after you were powerless. You have ended up being a commandant with power and a guide who absolute necessity be complied. What a foremost favoring if this does not make you v ain and swindle you and lead you to Jahannam. Might God ensure you and me from it.

With this chiding guidance and petition to God Utbah and his armed force set off. Numerous ladies were in the armed force incorporating his wife and the wives and sisters of different men. In the end they gotten to a spot called Qasbaa not absolutely far from al Ubullah. It was called Qasbaa in light of the plenitude of reed such as stalks which developed there.

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Life Of Hazrat Umayr ibn-e-Wahb Razi Allahu Taalah Anho

And Umayr ibn Wahb al Jumahi reverted securely from the Battle ofBadr. His offspring Wahb was abandoned a detainee in the hands of the Muslims. Umayr foresaw that the Muslims could discipline the adolescent severely on account of the mistreatment he himself had distributed to the Prophet and the torture he had dispensed on his allies. 

But One morning Umayr headed off to the Sacred Mosque to make tawaf around the Ka’bah and love his golden calves. He considered Safwan ibn Umayyah sitting close to the Ka’bah headed off up to him and stated: 

Im Sabahan (Good Morning) Quraysh chieftain. 

Im Sabahan Ibn Wahb answered Safwan. Let us talk for quite a while. Time just runs by with chat. 

Umayr sat subsequently to him. The two men started to review Badr the vital rout they had endured and they numberd the detainees who had fallen into the hands of Muhammad and his allies. They came to be profoundly bothered at the number of paramount Quraysh men who had been murdered by the swords of the Muslims and who lay buried in the mass grave at alQalib in Badr. 

Safwan ibn Umayyah shook his head and sighed By God there might be no preferred after them. 

You are correct announced Umayr. He remained noiseless for a brief period of time and after that stated By the God of the Ka’bah depending on if I had no deferred payments and no family whose misfortune I fear after me I could head over to Muhammad and murder him finalize off his mission and check his insidious. He went ahead in a weak repressed voice And as my child Wahb is right around them my set up to Yathrib could be past mistrust. 

Safwan ibn Umayyah listened eagerly to the expressions of Umayr and did not wish this chance to pass. He turned to him and stated: 

Umayr place all your liability in my hands and I will release it for you whatever the sum. With respect to your family I might take them as my particular family and give them whatever they require. I have enough fortune to surety them an agreeable living. 

Concurred stated Umayr. However keep this dialogue of our own mystery and don't unveil any of it to anybody. 

That ought be so stated Safwan. 

Umayr left the Masjid al Haram with the fiery breakout of hatred in opposition to Muhammad bursting in his heart. He started to number what he required for the job he had set himself. He knew that he had the full uphold and expectancy of the Quraysh who had parts of their families kept detainee in Madinah. 

Umayr had his sword honed and covered with toxin. His camel was ready and carried to him. He mounted the monster and rode in the bearing of Madinah with wicked in his heart. 

Umayr gotten to Madinah and went straight towards the mosque searching for the Prophet. Close to the entryway of the mosque he landed and tethered his camel. 

Around then Umar was sitting with a percentage of the Sahabah close to the entryway of the Mosque thinking back about Badr the number of detainees that had been taken and the number of Quraysh slaughtered. They likewise reviewed the demonstrations of chivalry demonstrated by the Muslims both the Muhajirun and the Ansar and offered gratitude to God for the essential triumph He had given them.