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| 99 Names of Allah | AR-RAHMÂN : The Most Compassionate, The Beneficent, The Gracious | AR-RAHÎM : The Merciful | AL-MALIK : The King | AL-QUDDÛS : The Most Holy | AS-SALÂM : The All-Peaceful, The Bestower of peace | AL-MU'MIN : The Granter of security | AL-MUHAYMIN : The Protector | AL-'AZÎZ : The Mighty | AL-JABBÂR : The Compeller | AL-MUTAKABBIR :Supreme in Greatness, The Majestic | AL-KHÂLIQ : The Creator | AL-BÂRI' : The Maker | AL-MUSAWWIR : The Bestower of form, The Shaper | AL-GAFFÂR : The Forgiver | AL-QAHHÂR : The Subduer | AL-WAHHÂB : The Bestower | AR-RAZZÂQ : The Provider | AL-FATTÂH : The Opener, The Judge | AL-'ALÎM : The All-Knowing | AL-QÂBID : The Withholder | AL-BÂSIT : The Expander | AL-KHÂFID : The Abaser | AR-RÂFI' : The Exalter | AL-MU'IZZ : The Bestower of honour | AL-MUDHILL : The Humiliator | AS-SAMÎ' : The All-Hearing | AL-BASÎR : The All-Seeing | AL-HAKAM : The Judge | AL-'ADL : The Just, The Equitable | AL-LATÎF : The Gentle, The Knower of subtleties | AL-KHABÎR : The All-Aware | AL-HALÎM : The Forbearing | AL-'AZÎM : The Incomparably Great | AL-GAFÛR : The Forgiving | ASH-SHAKÛR : The Appreciative | AL-'ALIYY : The Most High | AL-KABÎR : The Most Great | AL-HAFÎZ : The Preserver | AL-MUGHÎTH : The Sustainer | AL-HASÎB : The Reckoner | AL-JALÎL : The Majestic, The Revered, The Sublime | AL-KARÎM : The Generous | AR-RAQÎB : The Watchful | AL-MUJÎB : The Responsive | AL-WÂSI' : The All-Encompassing, The All-Embracing | AL-HAKÎM : The Wise | AL-WADÛD : The Loving One | AL-MAJÎD : The Most Glorious | AL-BÂ'ITH : The Resurrector | ASH-SHAHÎD : The Witness | AL-HAQQ : The Truth | AL-WAKÎL : The Ultimate Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs | AL-QAWIYY : The Most Strong | AL-MATÎN : The Firm One, The Authoritative | AL-WALIYY : The Protector | AL-HAMÎD : The All-Praised, The Praiseworthy | AL-MUHSÎ : The Reckoner | AL-MUBDI' : The Originator | AL-MU'ÎD : The Restorer to life | AL-MUHYÎ : The Giver of life | AL-MUMÎT : The Causer of death | AL-HAYY : The Ever-Living | AL-QAYYÛM : The Self-Existing by Whom all subsist | AL-WÂJID : The Self-Sufficient, The All-Perceiving | AL-MÂJID : The Glorified | AL-WÂHID : The One | AS-SAMAD : The Eternally Besought | AL-QÂDIR : The Omnipotent, The Able | AL-MUQTADIR : The Powerful | AL-MUQADDIM : The Expediter | AL- MU'AKHKHIR : The Delayer | AL-AWWAL : The First | AL-ÂKHIR : The Last | AZ-ZÂHIR : The Manifest | AL-BÂTIN : The Hidden | AL-WÂLÎ : The Governor, The Protector | AL-MUTA'ÂLÎ : The Most Exalted | AL-BARR : The Benign, The Source of All-Goodness | AT-TAWWÂB : The Granter and Accepter of repentence | AL- MUNTAQIM : The Lord of Retribution, The Avenger | AL-'AFUWW : The Pardoner | AR-RA'ÛF : The Most Kind, The Clement | MÂLIK-UL-MULK Owner of the Kingdom | DHUL JALÂL WAL IKRÂM Possessor of Majesty and Honour | AL-MUQSIT : The Just, The Equitable | AL-JÂME' : The Gatherer | AL-GHANIYY : The All-Sufficient | AL-MUGHNÎ : The Enricher | AL-MÂNI' : The Preventer of harm | AD-DÂRR : The Afflicter | AN-NÂFI' : The Benefiter | AN-NÛR : The Light | AL-HÂDÎ : The Guide | AL-BADÎ' : The Originator | AL-BÂQÎ : The Everlasting | AL-WÂRITH : The Ultimate Inheritor | AR-RASHÎD : The Guide | AS-SABÛR : The Patient One

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minsawi Surah Maryam سُوۡرَةُ مَریَم

minshawi - surah 44 ad-dukhan سُوۡرَةُ الدّخان

Qari Mahmood Minshawi (one of the best fatiha recitation)

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Misc Duaien

File Name                                                                              Download Mirror Size
Misc Duaien Urdu - Aaina Dekhnay Ki Dua .mp3                          Download    Mirror    0.19 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Aandhi Aye To Yeh Dua .mp3                        Download    Mirror    0.34 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Aayat-Al-Kursi .mp3                                     Download    Mirror    0.95 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Aayat-E-Kareema .mp3                                Download    Mirror    0.27 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Ab-E-Zam Zam Penay Ki Dua .mp3                Download    Mirror    0.28 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Ada-E-Qarz Ki Dua .mp3                               Download    Mirror    0.28 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Aftar Ki Dua .mp3                                        Download    Mirror    0.26 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Agar Dushman Gher Lay To Yeh Dua .mp3     Download    Mirror    0.19 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Ankh Dukhnay Ki Dua .mp3                          Download    Mirror    0.36 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Apni Mehboob Cheez Dekhne .mp3                Download    Mirror    0.17 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Azan Khatm Hone Ki Dua .mp3                      Download    Mirror    0.49 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Azan Sunnay Ki Dua .mp3                             Download    Mirror    0.49 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Bachay Ko Marz Ya Shar Bachane .mp3         Download    Mirror    0.33 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Badan Main Dard Ki Dua .mp3                       Download    Mirror    0.23 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Barish Hone Lage To Yeh Dua .mp3               Download    Mirror    0.14 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Barish Ke Liye Teen Bar Dua .mp3                 Download    Mirror    0.30 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Barkat Aur Maghfirat Ki Dua .mp3                  Download    Mirror    0.50 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Bazar Main Dakhil Hone Ki Dua .mp3             Download    Mirror    0.45 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Behri Safar Karne Ki Dua .mp3                      Download    Mirror    0.59 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Bukhar Ya Kisi Takleef .mp3                          Download    Mirror    0.37 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Cheez Gum Hone Ki Dua .mp3                      Download    Mirror    0.56 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Dastrkhan Se Uthnay Ki Dua .mp3                 Download    Mirror    0.39 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Dozakh Se Nijaat Ke Liye Dua .mp3               Download    Mirror    0.35 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Dua-E-Noor .mp3                                         Download    Mirror    0.69 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Dua-E-Qunoot .mp3                                      Download    Mirror    0.45 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Durood Sharif 1 .mp3                                   Download    Mirror    0.33 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Durood Sharif 2 .mp3                                   Download    Mirror    0.29 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Dushman Par Fatah Ke Liye Dua .mp3            Download    Mirror    0.88 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Dushman Se Khauf Ki Dua .mp3                    Download    Mirror    0.24 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Fajr Ki Namaz Ki Dua .mp3                           Download    Mirror    1.03 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Ghar Main Dakhil Hone Ki Dua .mp3               Download    Mirror    0.32 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Ghar Se Nikalnay Ki Dua .mp3                      Download    Mirror    0.21 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Ghussa Aur Waswasay Ki Dua .mp3               Download    Mirror    0.18 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Islam Par Khatma Ki Dua .mp3                      Download    Mirror    0.35 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Istiqamat Aur Rehmat Ke Liye Dua .mp3        Download    Mirror    0.61 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Jab Aag Lagi Dekhain To Dua .mp3                Download    Mirror    0.10 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Jab Barish Bohat Tez Hone Lage .mp3            Download    Mirror    0.38 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Jab Koi Museebat Pohncay .mp3                    Download    Mirror    0.32 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Jalay Huay Par Yeh Dua .mp3                        Download    Mirror    0.28 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Janati Logon Ki Dua .mp3                              Download    Mirror    0.32 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Khana Kha Chukne Ki Dua .mp3                    Download    Mirror    0.22 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Khana Shru Karnay Ki Dua .mp3                   Download    Mirror    0.26 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Kisi Ko Rukhsat Kartay Waqt Ki Dua .mp3      Download    Mirror    0.18 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Maghrib Ki Azan Ke Waqt .mp3                      Download    Mirror    0.28 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Mareez Ki Ayadat Ki Dua .mp3                      Download    Mirror    0.44 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Masjid Main Bethnay Ki Dua .mp3                  Download    Mirror    0.27 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Masjid Main Dakhil .mp3                               Download    Mirror    0.12 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Masjid Se Nikalnay Ki Dua .mp3                    Download    Mirror    0.13 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Namaz-E-Chaast Ke Baad Ki Dua .mp3          Download    Mirror    0.61 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Namaz-E-Witr Ke Baad Teen Bar .mp3           Download    Mirror    0.16 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Naya Chand Dekhnay Ki Uda .mp3                Download    Mirror    0.41 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Naye Kapre Pehnnay Ki Dua .mp3                 Download    Mirror    0.38 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Nazar Lag Jaye To Yeh Dua .mp3                   Download    Mirror    0.23 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Nind Na Ane Ki Dua .mp3                              Download    Mirror    0.44 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Pareshani Ya Bechaini Ki Dua .mp3                Download    Mirror    0.42 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Pareshani Ya Museebat Ki Dua .mp3              Download    Mirror    0.48 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Qabrastan Main Dakhil Hone Ki Dua .mp3       Download    Mirror    0.28 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Rehm Aur Maghfirat Ki Dua .mp3                   Download    Mirror    0.30 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Roza Rakhnay Ki Dua .mp3                           Download    Mirror    0.14 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Sabr Aur Anjam Bakhair Ki Dua .mp3            Download    Mirror    0.21 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Safar Ke Iraday Ki Dua .mp3                        Download    Mirror    0.35 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Safar Par Rawana Hone Ki Dua .mp3             Download    Mirror    0.91 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Safar Say Wapsi Ki Dua .mp3                        Download    Mirror    0.21 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Shab-E-Qadr Ki Dua .mp3                             Download    Mirror    0.28 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Shahr Main Dakhil Hone Ki Dua .mp3             Download    Mirror    0.37 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Sokar Uthnay Ki Dua .mp3                            Download    Mirror    0.24 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Sone Ki Dua .mp3                                        Download    Mirror    0.15 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Sote Main Darna Ghabrahat .mp3                  Download    Mirror    0.39 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Subh Ki Dua .mp3                                        Download    Mirror    0.53 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Surah Al - Mulk .mp3                                    Download    Mirror    4.55 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Suraj Nikalte Waqt Ki Dua .mp3                     Download    Mirror    0.26 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Taaziyat Ke Liye Dua .mp3                            Download    Mirror    0.33 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Tasbeeh-E-Taraweh .mp3                             Download    Mirror    0.42 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Wudhu Ki Dua .mp3                                      Download    Mirror    0.83 MB
Misc Duaien Urdu - Zalimoon Se Nijat Ki Dua .mp3                      Download    Mirror    0.32 MB

Famous Azan

File Name                                                                     Download Mirror Size
01. Aazan of Famous Individuals 01.mp3                           Download    Mirror    8.47 MB
02. Aazan of Famous Individuals 02.mp3                           Download    Mirror    2.68 MB
03. Aazan of Famous Individuals 03.mp3                           Download    Mirror    2.57 MB
04. Aazan of Famous Individuals 04.mp3                           Download    Mirror    4.59 MB
05. Aazan of Famous Individuals 05.mp3                           Download    Mirror    2.82 MB
06. Aazan of Famous Individuals 06.mp3                           Download    Mirror    2.59 MB
07. Aazan of Famous Individuals 07.mp3                           Download    Mirror    2.04 MB
08. Aazan of Famous Individuals 08.mp3                           Download    Mirror    3.14 MB
09. Aazan of Famous Individuals 09.mp3                           Download    Mirror    2.76 MB
10. Aazan of Famous Individuals 10.mp3                           Download    Mirror    5.37 MB
11. Aazan of Famous Individuals 11.mp3                           Download    Mirror    3.45 MB
12. Aazan of Famous Individuals 12.mp3                           Download    Mirror    2.72 MB
13. Aazan of Famous Individuals 13.mp3                           Download    Mirror    2.69 MB
14. Aazan of Famous Individuals 14.mp3                           Download    Mirror    3.36 MB
15. Aazan of Famous Individuals 15.mp3                           Download    Mirror    3.20 MB
16. Aazan of Famous Individuals 16.mp3                           Download    Mirror    3.81 MB
17. Aazan of Famous Individuals 17.mp3                           Download    Mirror    3.18 MB

Taraweeh Prayers From Makkah 2005

File Name                                                                        Download Mirror Size
001.Alfatihah.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    2.85 MB
002.Albaqarah.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    360.41 MB
003.AlImran.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    208.62 MB
004.AnNisa.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    218.09 MB
005.AlMaidah.wmv                                                             Download    Mirror    180.07 MB
006.AlAnam.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    170.39 MB
007.AlAraf.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    199.01 MB
008.AlAnfal.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    75.77 MB
009.AtTawbah.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    151.61 MB
010.Yoenoes.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    104.24 MB
011.Hoed.wmv                                                                   Download    Mirror    113.63 MB
012.Yoesoef.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    104.30 MB
013.ArRad.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    56.84 MB
014.Ibrahiem.wmv                                                             Download    Mirror    47.38 MB
015.AlHidjr.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    42.63 MB
016.AlNahl.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    113.72 MB
017.AlIsraa.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    103.28 MB
018.AlKahf.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    90.02 MB
019.Maryam.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    59.66 MB
020.Tahaa.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    85.35 MB
021.AlAnbiyaa.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    80.44 MB
022.AlHaddj.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    96.37 MB
023.Al-Moeminoen.wmv                                                      Download    Mirror    94.97 MB
024.An-Noer.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    109.00 MB
025.AlFoerqan.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    94.97 MB
026.AsSjoeara.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    104.36 MB
027.AnNaml.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    94.82 MB
028.AlQasas.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    104.25 MB
029.AlAnkaboet.wmv                                                          Download    Mirror    96.85 MB
030.ArRoem.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    80.69 MB
031.Loeqmaan.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    29.76 MB
032.AsSadjdah.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    27.88 MB
033.AlAhzaab.wmv                                                             Download    Mirror    94.21 MB
034.Saba.wmv                                                                   Download    Mirror    59.02 MB
035.Faatir.wmv                                                                  Download    Mirror    48.81 MB
036.YaaSien.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    56.84 MB
037.As-Saaffaat.wmv                                                         Download    Mirror    61.60 MB
038.Sad.wmv                                                                     Download    Mirror    56.80 MB
039.AzZoemar.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    85.38 MB
040.Ghaafir.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    94.85 MB
041.Foessilat.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    62.48 MB
042.AsShoera.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    60.67 MB
043.AzZoekhroef.wmv                                                        Download    Mirror    62.57 MB
044.AdDoekhaan.wmv                                                        Download    Mirror    22.69 MB
045.Al-Djaathiyah.wmv                                                       Download    Mirror    36.98 MB
046.AlAhqaaf.wmv                                                             Download    Mirror    36.95 MB
047.Mohammad.wmv                                                          Download    Mirror    32.13 MB
048.AlFath.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    33.19 MB
049.AlHoedjoeraat.wmv                                                      Download    Mirror    23.72 MB
050.Qaf.wmv                                                                     Download    Mirror    28.42 MB
051.AdhDhaariyaat.wmv                                                     Download    Mirror    24.60 MB
052.AtToer.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    23.64 MB
053.AnNadjm.wmv                                                             Download    Mirror    21.81 MB
054.AlQamar.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    20.78 MB
055.ArRahmaan.wmv                                                         Download    Mirror    31.24 MB
056.AlWaaqiah.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    27.48 MB
057.AlHadied.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    36.94 MB
058.AlMoedjaadilah.wmv                                                     Download    Mirror    28.42 MB
059.AlHashr.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    25.53 MB
060.AlMoemtahanah.wmv                                                   Download    Mirror    19.86 MB
061.AsSaff.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    13.23 MB
062.AlDjoemoeah.wmv                                                       Download    Mirror    12.25 MB
063.AlMoenaafiqoen.wmv                                                    Download    Mirror    13.24 MB
064.AtTaghaaboen.wmv                                                      Download    Mirror    17.03 MB
065.AtTalaaq.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    18.93 MB
066.AtTahriem.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    17.93 MB
067.AlMoelk.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    18.93 MB
068.AlQalam.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    17.93 MB
069.AlHaaqqah.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    16.10 MB
070.AlMaaaridj.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    14.14 MB
071.Noeh.wmv                                                                   Download    Mirror    13.18 MB
072.AlDjinn.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    17.96 MB
073.AlMoezzammil.wmv                                                      Download    Mirror    14.13 MB
074.AlMoeddathir.wmv                                                        Download    Mirror    16.97 MB
075.AlQiyaamah.wmv                                                         Download    Mirror    11.36 MB
076.AlInsaan.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    17.03 MB
077.AlMoersalaat.wmv                                                        Download    Mirror    14.18 MB
078.AlNaba.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    13.25 MB
079.AnNaaziaat.wmv                                                          Download    Mirror    12.27 MB
080.Abasa.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    9.45 MB
081.AtTakwier.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    7.54 MB
082.Al-Infitaar.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    5.66 MB
083.AlMoetaffifien.wmv                                                       Download    Mirror    11.34 MB
084.AlInshiqaaq.wmv                                                         Download    Mirror    8.51 MB
085.AlBoeroedj.wmv                                                          Download    Mirror    7.58 MB
086.AtTaariq.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    4.71 MB
087.Al-Alaa.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    5.64 MB
088.AlGhaashiyah.wmv                                                       Download    Mirror    7.48 MB
089.AlFadjr.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    10.36 MB
090.AlBalad.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    5.66 MB
091.AshShams.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    4.68 MB
092.AlLail.wmv                                                                   Download    Mirror    5.64 MB
093.AdDoehaa.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    3.67 MB
094.AshSharh.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    2.76 MB
095.AtTien.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    3.68 MB
096.AlAlaq.wmv                                                                 Download    Mirror    5.63 MB
097.AlQadr.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    2.76 MB
098.AlBayyinah.wmv                                                          Download    Mirror    6.60 MB
099.AzZalzalah.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    3.68 MB
100.AlAadiyaat.wmv                                                           Download    Mirror    3.73 MB
101.AlQaariah.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    3.69 MB
102.AtTakaathor.wmv                                                         Download    Mirror    2.82 MB
103.AlAsr.wmv                                                                   Download    Mirror    1.81 MB
104.AlHoemazah.wmv                                                        Download    Mirror    3.67 MB
105.AlFiel.wmv                                                                   Download    Mirror    2.77 MB
106.Qoraish.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    2.73 MB
107.AlMaaoen.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    2.81 MB
108.AlKawthar.wmv                                                            Download    Mirror    1.81 MB
109.AlKaafiroen.wmv                                                          Download    Mirror    2.75 MB
110.AnNasr.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    2.74 MB
111.AlMasad.wmv                                                              Download    Mirror    2.74 MB
112.AlIkhlas.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    1.84 MB
113.AlFalaq.wmv                                                                Download    Mirror    2.73 MB
114.AnNaas.wmv                                                               Download    Mirror    2.73 MB